I just wanted to flag again my latest post about Vodafone and the missing £6bn in tax that they have deftly dodged.

It now appears that Camden Council, facing massive cuts to funding in frontline services, is being asked by the local Green Party to end it’s contract with Vodafone.

I’m in the process of helping a group of people set up a campaign to take this slightly wider.

On budget day itself when George Osborne sets out the agenda for the next year and we start to see the effect of the imposed cuts it seems outrageous that a company like Vodafone, which has a lovely pan-government agreement to provide mobile telephony to HM Government, is allowed to avoid a tax bill of £6bn which would go a heck of a long way towards covering frontline costs in the UK.

Here’s another link to the Freedom of Information request that I published last November – detailing the pan-government agreement.  FOI request