So I’ve been watching the campaigning and activism that has been happening recently around the alleged unpaid taxbill that Vodafone has been avoiding/let-off. For a catch up check out the original Private Eye article and the take over of the flag ship store on Oxford Street.

The activism spread across the country and twelve other stores got similar treatment in the following week.

I had a thought though…who supplies the mobile phone contracts to the Government, I wondered whether there was a connection so I undertook a Freedom of Information request to the Treasury and guess what…Vodafone have a pan-government agreement to provide ALL mobile services.

I have no idea whether there is a link, but I do think it is suspicious that a mainly Conservative coalition government, who archetypally love big business, have let a BIG business off a lot of tax and have a BIG contract with them. Scratch my back I’ll scratch yours!
FOI request