As a ginger man and a Labour party member I thought I’d write to Harriet following her “ginger rodent” comment.  Below is a copy of my email.

Dear Harriet,

I joined the Labour Party on the day that Gordon Brown left Downing Street, his poise and stature filled me with a conviction that I could no longer sit on the fence. That if I believe in something then I should get involved and nail my colours to the post.  He inspired me and that is something that I hope and long for in positions of leadership – inspiration that politics is a real way of getting things done and not the playground for the elite or career politicians.

I must be honest here, I have ginger hair, and I feel that your comment about Danny Alexander being a “ginger rodent” was a childish and cheap shot, uninspiring to the public and a comment that belies any position of leadership and reinforces public opinion about political infighting.  I have been on the end of around 25 years worth of comments about the colour of my hair, and by and large you develop a thick skin around this sort of thing.  But every now and then, when you don’t expect it or see it coming, it stings.  I wonder would you refer to Baroness Warsi, Adam Afriyie or closer to home Sadiq Khan by the colour of their skin?  Of COURSE not, so why did you pull such a cheap shot?

Of course you could put this down to a rant from someone who has a chip on their shoulder.  I don’t.  I’m very proud being ginger and I would never change it.  I could argue it has it’s downsides, quick to blush, it may be responsible for my “fiery temper” and of course makes me an easy target for the less intelligent jibes and jokes of my compatriots, but I like it, it marks me out and makes me stand out from the crowd.

One final thing, as you no doubt are aware it is believed that the ginger gene is a recessive gene, thus we will not be about forever.  Could I suggest that you work on your sense of humour, perhaps listen to some of Eddie Izzard’s work, Ross Noble and Russel Howard are also very funny.  I only say that so that you have some other comedic content when my kind no longer exists.

Thank you

Jay Butcher – a red headed, red supporter of the red Labour party.